LONG TERM PARKING is an alternative music project founded in 2019 by three experienced musicians. The project seeks to create a free platform that allows the trio to bring to fruition a musical vision that they have long been striving for. After a three-year search for the ideal artistic expression, Long Term Parking is announcing their debut album 'Luxury Luxury,' which fully and uncompromisingly merges their expertise and experience. LTP's music synthesizes hip hop, rock and alt-pop into a unique sound that also draws influences from classical and folk music.

LTP is: Kolib - synths, samplers, ac guitar, bass guitar, backing voices | Christineck - vocals, guitars, bass guitar, violins | Pavel Bříza - drums, percussions
Libor Koutnik aka Kolib has released two solo albums, 2010's Aside and 2012's My Own Man. As a producer, he has worked closely with the post-folklore group Ponk and assisted the American bass player Fernando Saunders on his upcoming album. Michal Krystynek aka Christineck is a composer, singer and violinist in the band Ponk. The band has released two successful albums, Postfolklor in 2015 (Czech Grammy Award winner) and Diedina in 2018 (nominated for the prestigious German Record Critics' Award). Pavel Bříza played and recorded drums for the Czech superstar Karel Gott, among other things.